Notice to AFDAA Members

Dear AFDAA Members,

You may have noticed that our Wild Apricot website for event and membership management is now up and running

It’s taken a lot of work to get us to this point and there is still more work to do. Those of you that have registered for the Winter Workshop will have noticed a much more streamlined registration process.

The Membership Directory is now available as well. It is restricted to Members Only so you won’t be able to view until you login using the person icon in the upper right hand corner. If you don’t have a login setup yet, it will automatically guide you through the process once you click “forgot password”. Make sure you use the email on file with AFDAA because the software will use this to verify your membership through the database. If your email has changed because you have changed labs etc, then contact the Treasurer or Webadmin and they can look up the email on file and update it for you.

If you click on the person icon once logged in, you will have an option to view profile. From here you can update your contact information and more. You can also download your membership card!

By now most of you have likely received an email reminder about annual dues for 2018 (unless you’re paid up several years in advance). This will be the first of several emails. The next one is scheduled to be sent out 60 days prior to the renewal date. You will receive another email reminder on the Due Date (1-August) if you haven’t paid your Dues yet. If you miss the due date, you have a 30 day grace period before another email reminder will be sent. At the end of the calendar year your membership is automatically marked as lapsed and archived.

If you miss your payment for the year and your record is archived, it can easily be reinstated as soon as you are current once more. When the record is archived it removes you from the Directory and, by extension, your access to it. One reason for this is that AFDAA is charged based on the number of individuals in the database. The threshold is at 250 before we have to pay an additional monthly fee. The other reason is to encourage members to remain current on their dues.

Once you have paid your Dues, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you attend a Workshop/Meeting, the confirmation email that you receive after paying the registration fee will include a Code at the bottom that you can use to pay your membership dues for the year. (Updated 12-Dec-17, previously codes were in the Dues payment confirmation email.) Using this code towards your membership dues saves a tremendous amount of manual work for the officers. The Registration process and Dues Payments are separate financial transactions, so there isn’t a way to automate applying the registration fee towards your annual dues. By each member using the provided code, it relieves the manual workload.

***If you are behind in your Dues payments, you will not have the option to Renew and will have to pay back dues to become “Active” before you will be able to apply the discount code for 2018.***

You essentially have the entire calendar year during which to pay your membership dues. So, if you’re not sure yet if you will be able to attend Workshop or Meeting, you could wait until the very last day of 2018 to pay your Dues before there are any consequences (not recommended!).


Best Regards,