(see list of past office holders)

Cathey L. Serrano

AFDAA Secretary

Elected to AFDAA Secretary in 2017.

Angela Tanzillo-Swarts

Chair/Website Development/Administrator

Web Admin since 2008. Elected Chair 2015. Angela is a Forensic DNA Specialist at the Cayman Islands Forensic Science Laboratory in Grand Cayman. She serves as the DNA Technical Leader and the Laboratory Quality Manager. Previously she was with the Texas DPS Crime Laboratory Service  Read More

Robin Guidry

Vice Chair

Elected 2014, Robin Guidry is a graduate of Loyola University, New Orleans and the University of Florida. She is currently a DNA Technical Leader in the Forensic Biology Unit of the Houston Forensic Science Center.

Jennifer Young


Serving as Treasurer since 2014. Joined the Texas DPS Houston Crime Laboratory in 2007 and as a DNA analyst since 2009.