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Courtroom Testimony Workshop – copies of presentations were provided to participants.


Summer Meeting Agenda 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda
Cognitive Bias Workshop, 23-Mar-17
Dr Dror CCI-HQ AFDAA wWorkshop Summary March 2017

2016 Agenda
Promega_Tech_Tour_AFDAA Austin Agenda

AFDAA 2015 Summer Meeting Final Agenda
2013 Summer Meeting
AFDAA 2013 Summer Meeting Agenda
The Magic Erase-her – SLatcham
Streamline DNA Analysis with ArmedXpert – RAskew
SERI Sponsor Update – GHarmor
Results of DNA Processing of Unselected Sexual Assault Evidence – Dennis Yip
Mini Tapes Presentation – BHester
It’s 2 AM – KLander
IntrepID Overview – BLight
IntegenX Sponsor Update – DMurphy
Erase Sperm Isolation Kit – VNelson
Don’t Throw That Away – KReich
DNA Processing Strategies for Success – RWilliams
Criminal Paternity Involving Molar Pregnancy – JOrcutt
Identification of an Individual in Complex Forensic Mixtures – SAyers
HLADQA1 Sequencing – GHarmor
CE trouble shooting Updated – AOrbison.ppt[1]
ABI Sponsor Update – AOrbison
A Review of PCR Inhibition – JWarren

2013 Winter Workshop
AFDAA CE Updated
AFDAA Meeting Intro Feb 7, 2013
AFDAA Overview
Evolution of Forensic DNA 12.04.12
GlobalFiler AFDAA 2-7-13
Moving to 6Dye_CustomerDistribution
Software Troubleshooting_CustomerDistribution
Topics and Troubleshooting Quantitation_CustomerDistribution
Troubleshooting Global Perspective_CustomerDistribution

Winter Workshop 2013 – Technical Resources
Carrover On CE Systems During HID Analysis_Customer Distribution
CE July 2010
Extraction Tips

AFDAA 2012 Winter Meeting Agenda Revised
AFDAA 2012 Summer Meeting Agenda
WINTER 2010 Agenda
AFDAA 2010 Summer Agenda

Select Presentations from AFDAA meetings
Biomatrica – Vendor Update
DWilliams – Use of ArmedXpert
GMolina – Texas Familial Search Policy
KMcElfresh – Use of 1 Million SNPs
KMelton – When Judges Play Scientist
LRobitaille – TFSC Update
NPeterson – What to Expect When Your Case is Reviewed by an Outside Expert July 2011
SSivak – Evaluating Stochastic Thresholds for Six Amplification Kits
Williams- P30 false positives AFDAA 2011_1
BCassidy AFDAA-2012-Animals Gone Wild
BGoertz AFDAA-Winter 2012-YSTR casework success
BGonzalez AFDAA-Winter 2012-Capturing Moment
DFoley AFDAA-Winter 2012-Sample Tracking System
GMolina AFDAA-Winter 2012-CODIS Update
RChakraborty AFDAA-Winter 2012-Session 1
RChakraborty AFDAA-Winter 2012-Session 2
RChakraborty AFDAA-Winter 2012-Session 3
RChakraborty AFDAA-Winter 2012-Session 4
A Comparison of the Identifiler™ Plus and Powerplex 16 HS Kits – RSailors
Identification of Skin – JBallantyne
Removal of Exogenous DNA from Tooth Samples – ZPhillips
SWGDAM Update for AFDAA June 2012 – JBallantyne
Taking a Bite Out of Crime – GHarmor
Time Since Intercourse Studies and Estimates – JWarren
Y-STR Workhshop – JBallantyne
afdaa 1-31-08 applied biosystems product update
afdaa 1-31-08 automation of forensic casework
afdaa 1-31-08 challenged sample optomization
afdaa 1-31-08 promega product update
afdaa 1-31-08 sperm hy-literA